Are you interested in an alliance that fosters wellness, empowerment, and lifestyle choices that make a difference in how you feel about yourself?

Do you want to tune into your innate capacity for self-healing, wisdom, and intuition?

Sarah works with clients in deep alliances that create profound shifts and lifestyle transformations. She creates custom premium packages for each person she works with, employing the full range of her diverse skill set, focusing on specific results for each client. Every journey is unique, and with Sarah´s intuitive healing & guidance, her clients radiate the innate genius that they were born with, and find the clarity and potential that they seek – in their spiritual, professional, and personal relationships and beyond!


A video exploring  radical self-love, courageous honesty, and humble pie.

TESTIMONIAL:  “I had a wonderful experience getting bodywork from Sarah Louisignau. I am not easy to please when it comes to massages, as I find most therapists too insensitive to my body and needs. This time I was not disappointed, rather the opposite. Sarah is very fine tuned and works with your energy, because she listens with her heart and with her hands. She is intuitive enough to taylor the session to your needs and not to a specific style or sequence of “massage moves”. She is also very knowledgeable of the body and uses that knowledge to read your body and meet your particular needs. I would highly recommend her.”  – Marthe Magerøy


ABOUT ME | You may care to learn more about my passion and the mission I hold.

RADIANT WOMEN COACHING | You may be looking for a transformative shift in the way you show up in your life. Deep conversations with Sarah help you slow down with your patterns and tune into your Womb Wisdom!

TRANSFORMATIVE BODYWORK | You may be curious about embodied healing, and have interests in relieving pain, disconnection, and discomfort in your body.

PELVIC HEALTH & EMPOWERMENT | You may want an Empowered Birth, to explore and empower healthy function and embodiment in your Pelvic Floor, pregnancy, healthy menstruation, menopause, OR to learn about my podcast, THE BIRTH WORKS! PROJECT.

 A video testimonial from Kjetil Strand:



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